Proust may have written one of the world's longest books but here at the Lazy Philosopher's Club, we like to make him bitesize for easy consumption. In this series of laid-back discussion groups, we will dissect and digest the literature and philosophy of Marcel Proust, particularly in his masterpiece 'Remembrance of Things Past', and see how it can impact on our lives today.

This is an open discussion group and no preparation or background knowledge is required. 

25th September 2019: Live Life Today

'Carpe diem' may be seen on t-shirts and posters around the world but how many people actually go out and seize the day? Who has the time? But seizing the day may not mean going skydiving or quitting your job, it could just be the simple pleasures; the company of a friend, smelling the roses or, as Proust knows best, eating a madeleine...

15th October 2019: Reading for Yourself

Personal pleasure can be interrupted by school study, unwanted birthday gifts or a sense of obligation towards award winners. Put down that "Top 100" list and take some time to read entirely for yourself.


26th November 2019: Taking Time

Taking Time; for yourself and for others as well as for the things that you have to do. In this fast paced world, it can often be something that is pushed to the sidelines or relegated to the realm of luxury but since the concept of time rules our world, why not take a little for yourself?


10th December 2019: Success is Suffering

Getting to the top requires sacrifice. If you want to achieve your goals, something must be left behind. To be driven you must be single-minded. To be the best, there can be no compromise. Is any of this true? And, if it is, is it really worth it?

All discussions take place from 7pm until 8:30pm.


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Booking is preferred but last minute philosophers are always welcome.

Suggested reading: How Proust can change your life by Alain de Botton

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