Saturday 14th September 2019



10am until 4:30pm

Hermann Hesse: Life, Literature and Philosophy

The novel Steppenwolf contributed to Hesse being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1946. In this novel he portrays 'the outsider' and considers the nature of the self. This one day course will look at the literature of this German-born Swiss writer and unearth the philosophical ideas contained within.



6th September, 4th October, 1st November and 6th December


Fridays, 10am until 1pm

Writing Fiction Workshops

Session One: The first workshop is designed to get you writing. It will help you to mine the limitless stories you will already have, as well as discovering other methods of stimulating your creativity.

Session Two: If you want to write fiction, chances are you are already fascinated by people. This workshop will help you create characters who will engage the attention and emotions of your reader.

Session Three: Setting is not just the scenery. This workshop will help you to create a setting that reveals integral parts of your character's persona.

Session Four: The structure of your story should be invisible to the reader. This workshop will help you create  structure and plot that blends seamlessly within the story.



Saturday 2nd November


10am until 4:30pm

Tai Chi: A Study of Life Through Movement and Change

Learn through theory, movement and fun about the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi Chuan. Each session will involve an exploration of the concepts of this philosophy of life, health and survival as you unravel the mysteries of the Chinese sages, the monkeys and the tricky snakes of this world.



4th and 11th November 2019

Mondays, 7pm until 8:30pm

A Vision for 2020

Discover how to create colourful mind map plans that encourage you to bring balance to your life. Create a motivating vision of your future, harmonising your goals with your values.



Saturday 9th November 2019

10am until 4:30pm

The Secrets of Musical Composition

At the heart of all music is structure. This course will show how music is created from patterns, beginning with harmonic series, which are built up and varied in endlessly inventive ways by composers. These lectures will explore the structures of different types of music, from the works of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven to the songs of Lennon and McCartney. The course will offer insights into how the elements of melody, rhythm, harmony and sound itself are used, and how the art of music is both similar to and distinct from its sister arts.



Saturday 16th November 2019

10am until 4:30pm

Appreciating Classical Music

Are you interested in 'Classical Music' but perhaps are a bit bewildered by the huge variety of styles, names and terms?

This course will demystify the exciting world of art music by introducing and explaining how historic styles are divided into the categories of Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern. Students will learn what to listen for and how to spot the musical fingerprints of many great composer, from Handel to Stravinsky. The fascinating relationship between music and history will be examined while the music itself will be made accessible for enjoyment by everyone in our own time. This course will also be looking at where music might go in the future, guided by both human imagination and technology.



Saturday 30th November 2019

11am until 2pm

The Power of Haiku

Who do? You do! From Basho to Kerouac, this half day course will explore the history of the Haiku form in both the Japanese and English traditions. We will discover the form's potential in the modern day to explore contemporary themes and will conclude by writing our own Haiku and sharing them amongst ourselves.



Saturday 7th December 2019

10am until 4:30pm

What Makes a Good Photograph?

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with photographic images, has photography finally found its place in the art world, or is it further from it than ever? Is photography just a marketing tool and a way for Instagram users to get more likes, or is there more to it?