Hexham                                           Rachel Hope

After graduating with an art diploma from college in her home town of Wakefield in Yorkshire, Rachel began developing her individual style, which she confesses is “a little creepy and strange”. As a keen birdwatcher, she has always been fascinated with nature and has used it as a constant muse in her work.

Artist Statement:

Many of my paintings are inspired by observing birds and their juxtaposition with a myriad of other species inhabiting the tangled hedgerows, river banks, trees and forests here in Northumberland. I like to take these mental snapshots back to the studio and let them evolve into half-imagined fantastical worlds. For this I use oils on either canvas or board, acrylic paint and pastel on paper, or collage.

I am fascinated by secret lives that exist in parallel universes, the micro and the macro, and the dynamics and interactions between these entities that are in plain sight of, but often overlooked by, the human species. The theatre could be the hedge bottom or a high tree top...a gentle spotlight that illuminates the drama, and the protagonists, unconcerned, play out their roles.

Carlisle                                             Ceri Allen

Ceri Allen studied painting at The City & Guilds School of Art, London, and has exhibited widely throughout the UK and also the USA. Her work is represented in public and private collections including; Tullie House, Carlisle; St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington; and Corpus Christi College, Oxford. She has also taken up Artists’ Residencies at the University of Cumbria, Corpus Christi College, Oxford and Kronstadt, St Petersburg with the National Centre for Contemporary Arts. She was also

Artist in Residence with Demi-Paradise Productions at Lancaster Castle. Commissions include: portrait of novelist Margaret Forster, a series of paintings for Corpus Christi College Lampl building and for The Oxford Almanack in 2017.

Artist statement:

My work is representational, with a particular focus on portraying the human figure in an urban environment. I use composition to suggest the space and tension between people or objects – physical and mental space. My paintings are worked from material collected in the form of photographs or sketches and transformed in the process.

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Previous artist: Michaelmas 2019

Hexham                                           Simon Green

Simon Green has been a photographer in some form of professional capacity for over 20 years. His portfolio includes still images, short films, documentaries, writing and other creative work covering a wide range of subjects. Simon also teaches photography and film-making to groups and individuals and has ran numerous workshops and courses in the UK and abroad. He is teaching courses at both Hexham and Carlisle this term. Simon is based in Consett, County Durham in the North East of England.

simon green habitat.jpg


A selection of images from an ongoing project documenting the places that we live. As the world population grows our places of habitat are becoming progressively smaller. The gaps between them narrow up, the buildings even taller. In the search for employment and prosperity, people move away from rural areas towards cities that are hugely overpopulated, forcing the divisions of those habitats into even smaller spaces.

Previous artist: Michaelmas 2019

Carlisle                                             Andi Alexander

Born in Newport, Wales, Andi did a Foundation Course at Newport Art College and a Degree in Fine Art at Cheltenham. Returning to Wales she took part in Welsh Arts Council Exhibition Blue to 100. Moving to Scotland she won the Young Artists Award with the Scottish Arts Council and went on to establish herself as a portrait painter. She fulfilled painting commissions for Border Fine Art with a limited edition print 'Coming Home' and 'Jock's Pride' which sold over 5,000 copies working from models designed by Ray Ayres.


Andi is a practicing Shibashi tutor, Esoteric healer, Reflexologist, and currently studies Shamanism.