• The Philosophy Forum, discusses controversial issues in a relaxed and non-academic environment.  

  • It runs at both the Carlisle and Hexham sites.

  • Believing that Philosophy should not solely be the realm of academics, it introduces topics relevant to the modern world, before applying philosophical argument to discuss the issues at hand.

  • No background in Philosophy is necessary.  You will meet other open-minded individuals who are fellow wisdom lovers and are enthusiastic about exploring new ideas in a free-flowing discussion and debate.

Philosophical Discussion Group

Corporate Responsibility: 26th September​ 2019

Businesses are there to make money, right? But should that be allowed to be at the expense of the workers, the local community, other companies and the wider global society? Are we naive to hope for inherent ethics in corporations?

Environmental Ethics: 10th October 2019

From big business to the individual, how do we balance the practical with the ethical? How big a role should government play in this process?  Or is this the responsibility of society as a whole? 

Privacy: 21st November 2019

In this modern world of GDPR regulations, where should the line be drawn between security and privacy? Which, if any, governmental bodies should have the right to access our private information? And what do you think should fall under the remit of "private"? 

Poverty and World Hunger: 12th December 2019

Is a charitable mission to 'Africa' a kind and generous act or just poverty tourism? Is it the role of global government to redress the imbalance or should it be left to independent charities and the donations they can glean from individuals? Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. But who should provide the rod?

All discussions take place from 7pm until 8:30pm.


  • Members               £5

  • Non-members     £7


Booking is preferred but last minute philosophers are always welcome.

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